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Science and technology always play an important role to each nation in any stage of development. In Vietnam, developing science and technology is the high priority of national policy. Therefore, 18th of May is chose to become the National Science and Technology Day annually. “…Science and Technology are not only theoretical, but also linked from research to application, In Vietnamese reality, these have to be improved continually, connected to labour and production processes regarding to support people living. The development of science and technology has to be attached to unstoppable improvement of knowledge that does not only exist in terms of theory but also become scientific achievements to be popularized and beneficial for our country and our nation…” The first president Ho Chi Minh said at the first National People Congress of Science and Technology Association (18th May 1963). After 50 years, saved values from that saying of president Ho Chi Minh still remains and deeply goes inside national policies about developing science and technology in which promoting startup activities to solve problems in normal life.

In recent years, School of International Education (SIE) – Hanoi University of Science and technology (HUST) has been known not only as a prestigious training institution which provides international curriculums with high quality, but also an incubator that support to startup dreams from creatively scientific ideas. Annually, thousands of students in Viet Nam have a good opportunity to learn from each other, express themselves through startup ideas and projects when they attend the German – Vietnamese Best Business Idea Competition (VGBBIC) organized by SIE.

With knowledge from diverse courses and experience when taking part in German – Vietnamese Best Business Idea Competition, students of SIE, HUST and other universities have reached new steps of development on both of startup and study path way, then achieve many awards in big competitions such as: the first runner of VGBBIC 2013 (in which that team members now are successful businessmen), the second runner of VGBBIC 2013 with topic “miraculous pen” then successfully built a “3D printer” and became the first runner of the Student National Scientific Researching Competition 2014. The first runner of VGBIC 2015, Hachi team, the became the first runner of Potential Startup Competition 2016 organized by Lotte Startup and was awarded “Vietnamese talent 2016” award and victoriously launched their business. Ella Study team, alumni group of SEPT became the second runner of VYE startup competition 5/2016, the “Best Potential Startup Project” award in AIESEC Startup Competition 6/2016, the second runner of National Startup Competition organized by American ambassador Ted Osius 9/2016. Mubahi team, the second runner of VGBBIC 2016 also became the first runner of Kawai Startup Competition 2017 at the Foreign Trade University.

National Science and Technology Day 2018, the official website of SIE pleasantly shares with readers an article about students of School of International Education – Hanoi University of Science and Technology who became the first runner of “Youth Startup Competition” at the Academy of Finance with interesting idea: “Intelligent Escape Backpack” (IEB). The article is issued on Electronic People newspaper at 17th May 2018.

That’s a small backpack with 50cm x 60cm size made from polyeste material which has a high fire resistance and good thermal insulation. This backpack includes: a smoke sensor attached in the backpack, a falling speed governor, safe cable system, which can resist high temperature from 700 – 1000 Celcius degree, metal locking hook and a safe belt system made from good mattress with smart click buttons to make it safer and more comfortable. In each backpack, there is a respirator, a pair of gloves and first-aid box.

In case of emergency, when smoke sensor alerts, people in tenement buildings need wear the backpack, put on respirator and gloves, then go to the “fixed tools box” installed in balcony and match backpack with metal locking hook then jump out. More specially, an adult can use that instrument with and elder or a child together to assure that all family members are safe.

About project implementing process, Nguyen Ngoc Huyen, a business administration third year student of SIE – HUST, leader of IEB team shared that: “when fire occurs, people only need a solution that help them escape from the fire soonest and safest. However, now in Vietnam, there is no device which can help people stuck in the fire to rescue themselves. Besides, imported devices are too expensive and not popular. Huyen said: “when I watched a reportage about the fire a karaoke bar which caused 13 deaths on Tran Thai Tong street 11/2016, an idea about an intelligent backpack crossed my mind. With a big love for mechanics and electronics, my team members rapidly agreed with me to carry out this project”.

From idea planning to simulative product complete, the young team has lost 18 months to study on product mechanism and found out the most suitable structure for this. Nevertheless, the biggest problem they got in 18 months is the different opinions about the project. “we receive a lot of opinions that discourage us such as: this project is impossible, only the God can make it, …Those put a great deal of pressure on us, to fight against, we have to tell ourselves that this project is our brainchild, we will hold it on till the end” – Huyen said. With supports of teachers and seniors of SIE – HUST, IEB team finally launches their product after many changes. They believe that their product will receive a lot of attention from the market because of its advanced features.

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