Institutes and Center for Research

“With many effective training and research cooperation programs, HUST always prioritizes the development of long-term and trustworthy relationships with prestigious universities, research institutes and scientific and educational organizations in the world in forms of scientific research and technology transfer cooperation, gradually leveraging the University’s status as a celebrated destination for international scientists and friends…”

Over the past years, HUST has always endeavored to build the advanced Institute/Research mixed Center Model with prestigious counterparts in the world, creating an internationalized research environment. These addresses in HUST have provided opportunities for domestic and foreign students, scientists and researchers to study, do research, exchange knowledge, work and pursue areas of their interest.

Information about research Institutes/Centers/ Schools can be found in the following addresses:


1 Multimedia, Information, Communication & Applications (MICA) International Research Institute
2 International Training Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS)
3 International Collaboration Center for Research and Development on Satellite Navigation (NAVIS)
4 Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (ICSE)
5 Vietnam – Japan International Institute for Science and Technology (VJIIST)
6 Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (AIST)
7 Institute for Research and Development of Natural Compounds Applications (INAPRO)
8 Institute for Control Engineering and Automatics (ICEA)
9 Institute for Space and Underwater Technology (ISUT)
10 Center for Bio-medical Engineering (BME)
11 Polymer Center (PC)
12 Bach Khoa Internet Security (BKIS)
13 Center for Technology Innovations (CTI)


1 School of Biotechnology and Food Technology
2 School of Information and Communication Technology
3 School of Mechanical Engineering
4 School of Transportation Engineering
5 School of Textile – Leather and Fashion
6 School of Electrical Engineering
7 School of Electronics and Telecommunications
8 School of  Environmental Science and Technology
9 School of Heat Engineering and Refrigeration
10 School of Materials Science and Technology
11 School of Economics and Management
12 School of Nuclear Engineering and Environmental Physics
13 School of Chemical Engineering
14 School of Foreign Languages
15 School of Engineering Pedagogy
16 School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
17 School of Engineering Physics