In order to develop high level staff working in science and technology sectors; to enhance training and research capacity, international cooperation activities at HUST are diverse in forms, with a large number of collaborative training and research programs, which reflects the university’s strengths and cooperative potential.

Financial supports from international partners have been wisely use in cooperative programs which have gained fruitful results.

Hanoi University of Science and Technology is always proactive and willing to build long-term, reliable cooperation with international prestigious partners, science and training institutions as well as with major local and international businesses and groups. Forms of cooperation are as follows:

Cooperation in scientific research and technology transference through:

  • Mutual projects;
  • Upgrading laboratories and equipment for research;
  • Establishing Advanced International Research Institutes/ Centers;
  • International cooperation in high quality undergraduate and graduate training programs;
  • Organizing international workshops, conferences and exhibitions…

Collaboration in research

– Establishing of four advanced institutes/ centers for international research with modern infrastructure and equipment, namely:

  • International Institute of Multimedia, Information, Communication and Application;
  • International Collaboration Center for Research and Development on Satellite Navigation Technology in South East Asia (NAVIS);
  • International Institute of Computational Science and Engineering (ICSE);
  • Vietnam-Japan International Institute of Science and Technology (VJIIST).

– Opening 06 laboratories of such fields as mechatronics, biotechnology-food technology, automation, environmental technology, nano – optoelectronics and so forth;

– Organizing more than 20 international conferences and workshops annually;

– Conducting a large number of international research projects of high quality, with 04 FP7 projects funded by European Committee, 15 projects within the AUSN/SEED-Net-JICA network, 08 projects within the VLIR program, 21 collaborative projects funded by AUSN/SEED-Net-JICA, 65 bilateral research projects and other projects funded by World Bank, JICA, UNIDO, USAID… during the past 10 years.

Collaboration in training

– Supporting quite a few scholarships programs, staff and student exchange program between HUST and partners. Every year, there are:

  • 1300 foreign academics and visitors visiting, teaching and researching at HUST through exchange programs;
  • 200 international students studying at HUST through exchange programs;
  • 500 HUST staffs sent oversea to study and research;
  • 100 HUST students sent oversea to study and research;
  • 30 billions VND allocated for international scholarships;

– Exchanging and accrediting between HUST and partner universities: Graduates from PFIEV programs (High quality engineer training programs) are accredited as being equal to master graduating from a program in Europe; Advanced programs are acknowledged and transferred to Porland State University, the USA …

– Opening twining training programs with foreign business: SAMSUNG Talent program, “Collaborative training program for high level engineers” with Nissan Techno Vietnam Ltd. Co…