Collaboration with Industry

As scientific research should not be isolated from its socio-economic contexts as well as business and production activities in order to address practical issues posed by the need of increasing the resources for scientific research and training support, HUST has advocated the policy of building a close relationship with businesses to:

  • Establish organizations and multi-purpose laboratories;
  • Conduct cooperative research projects;
  • Transfer the technology of scientific research’s products;
  • Apply and commercialize certain project in business and production activities;
  • Promote the cooperation in training and providing high-level labor to meet the requirements of the society;
  • Cooperate in research and development (R&D);
  • Create opportunities for students to visit and intern in businesses and companies. Quite a few HUST lecturers and staff have been invited to deliver lectures, supervise students’ project and mark students’ graduation projects.

Among local and international businesses and companies having close cooperation with HUST are:

Local partners: Rang Dong Light Souce and Vaccum Flask Joint Stock company, Vietnam Electricity Group, Hoa Binh Hydraulic Power Plant, Vietnam Petroleum Group, Viettel Group, Vietnam Coal and Mine Group,

International partners: World class industrials groups such as Canon, General Electrics, Hitachi, Honda, Intel, LG, Microsoft, Nissan Techno, Panasonic, Samsung, Toyota…