The School of International Education (SIE) was founded upon Decision 2758/QĐ-ĐHBK-TCCB, dated on December 23, 2009 by the President of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, with the intent of upgrading the former “International Training Program – ITP”. After 9 years of operation and development, SIE has become one of the leading Vietnamese institutions offering high quality education in collaboration with international universities and often partering in joint programs with many prestigious foreign universities.

SIE conducts programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels for major disciplines such as Business Administration, Computer and IT, Mechatronics and Electronics Telecomunication. Internationally, the courses conducted by the school have met the requirements for many international accreditation agencies. This has been achieved through cooperation with universities in developed countries such as Japan, Germany, France, Russia, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, and so on. The members of HUST management board have done their best to enable SIE to become one of the leading institutions, providing high quality training and education opportunities for Vietnamese learners who desire not only to earn local and foreign degrees, but also to achieve high proficiency in foreign languages. Over the past 9 years, the school has developed an international standard base curriculum with pratical orientation, a focus on employability and career ready graduates and an extensive and up to date soft skill training.

In addition to the commitments and expertise of lectures and staff at HUST and its partners, the learners can enjoy a strong academic environment including modern facilities, diverse, current and extensive library resources and up to date curiculumns. Futhurmore, SIE supports both independent and scholarship students to effectively transfer to partner universities. As  a result, approximately 3,000 transferred students. For postgraduate studies, more than 4000 learners have enrolled in the MBA Master programs. All graduates are working in diverse sectors, including governmental agencies, domestic companies and international enterprises or organizations.

Under the leadership of HUST’s board of management and the dedicated efforts SIE board of directors and staff, SIE has become a leading institution in Vietnam, providing international collaboration programs at both undergradute and graduate levels, contributing to the development of the country in general and the Hanoi University of Science and Technology in particular.