Promoting collaboration with prestigious universities: Hanoi University of Science and Technolog (HUST) signed an MOU with University of Waikato (New Zealand)

On March 14th, 2018, with the witness of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and senior executives in the delegation, Assoc. Prof. Hoang Minh Son – President of HUST signed an MOU with the aim of developing the academic cooperation and information exchange, especially in Computing and Mathematical Sciences with the University of Waikato (top 300 universities in the world). The event remarked the cooperation relationship of two universities and affirmed the international collaboration strategy of HUST in “expanding and promoting the collaboration relationship with prestigious universities in the world”.

According to the memorandum, two universities shall cooperate in developing staff and lecturers’professional knowledge; students’exchange; academic documents, lectures, or textbooks’ exchange; organizing common activities such as workshops, conferences, and exhibitions, etc. Based on the mutual cooperation agreement, the related schools/faculties and institutes of the two universities shall carry out specific collaboration activities in staff and student exchange, co-supervising post-graduate student’s thesis, and developing joint research projects.

To meet the demand of the 4.0 industrial revolution, Univeristy of Waikato is currently priority to conjoin training attached to researches on Information Security and Safety, Big Data, etc. Meanwhile, Hanoi University of Science and Technology is also building and exploiting ELITECH project toward gifted students who have a desire to become excellent engineers, experts, and managers in the core engineering and technology sectors; focusing on training high quality human resources. Therefore, the signing of this MOU with University of Waikato has a remarkable meaning to the development strategy of Hanoi University of Science and Technology for the upcoming time as opening the creative and internationalized academic environment.

Waikato University had been established since 1964 and located in Hamilton city, North of New Zealand. According to QS- the 2018 ranking of top universities in the world, Waikato University has been among the top 1.1% of universities in the world.

  • Waikato University had been established since 1964 and located in Hamilton city, North of New Zealand. According to QS- the 2018 ranking of top universities in the world, Waikato University has been among the top 1.1% of universities in the world.
  • Nowadays, Waikato university has more than 12,000 students including over 2,000 international students from 70 countries. In which there are 40 Vietnamese students studying at the university, most of which focus on economics and education sectors, and 26 fellows Ph.D.
  • Some of pre-eminent majors of Waikato University are: Computing science and Information system, Network security, Criminal science, Environment, Economic and Econometrics, Accounting and Finance, etc.

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Vietnam (MHI) awarded 12 scholarships to outstanding students of Department of Aeronautical and Space Engineering (School of Transportation Engineering), Hanoi University of Science and Technology on 16/05/2018.

“Support from MHI is very meaningful, practical, provides good conditions for HUST students to work and study harder and achieve high academic results. It is also a helping hand for the students to gain future career opportunities in Aeronautical field in Vietnam and international companies” – said Assoc. Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang, Vice President of HUST.
Mr. Takamichi Tanaka , representative of MHI, said that the scholarship program is one of MHI’s  associate activities of human resources development and training that focus on engineer training programs, research and development collaboration, assisting Vietnamese students with technological practice and exposure to advanced technology in the Aeronautical field. STE-HUST is an educational body with highly-professional resources and top-ranked Aeronautical research all over Vietnam. Thus, MHI looked forward to more cooperation in training and scientific research with STE.

On behalf of the awarded students, Dao Tri Dung spoke: “MHI scholarship means a lot to many students of HUST. I would like to express my appreciation to MHI for supporting us. I do hope that the collaboration between MHI and HUST will go farther and better”.

Since the first integration agreement in 2009, MHI has granted 108 scholarships to outstanding students of HUST. Additionally, the Company has also organized 7 seminars with 9 topics related to Japan’s advanced technology such as “Clean Coal Tech and Environment Preservation” and “Nuclear Energy”; sponsored 10,000 USD each year for joint-training activities, for example funding for professors and excellent students to visit, exchange and study in Japan; awarded scholarships to students in new technology fields like Aeronautical, Nuclear, etc.

At the ceremony, MHI also introduced applied technology for new-structured materials in plane manufacturing – challenges and opportunities, especially in employing composite and metallic materials in order to improve efficiency for clients as one of this year’s tech-trends.

Photo: Viet Bac

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Six success keys of a HUST alumnus in Japanese company

Being known as team leader of smart sensor location attachment at Nissan Automotive Technology Vietnam (NATV), Nguyen Khanh Hoang, former student of cohort 48th, School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE), Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), has shared his valuable experience while working with Japanese company to more than 200 HUST students during HUST-NATV associate training program in the morning of May 15, 2018.

From a student of the Mechanics of Materials and Metal Rolling Department, Nguyen Khanh Hoang outperformed many other candidates to become a member of NATV – NISSAN Corp., a famous automotive manufacturer of Japan. However, at the position of an automotive designer, which was not related to his major, Khanh Hoang questioned himself whether he could adapt to the environment, or remuneration was enough for living cost. “To overcome early difficulties, the Company provided me a six-month training course. During that period, I also received a lot of support from senior HUST graduates, from professional to soft skills such as emailing, how to communicate with Japanese people and how to carefully handle even small tasks”, remembered Hoang.

Quickly adapted to workflow, Khanh Hoang eventually demonstrated his abilities to reach management position at NATV, attaining the Company’s credit to work in Japan for three years. Looking back the 9 years of striving and experience in international surroundings, Khanh Hoang noticed that his efforts in NATV brought him a stable career with ample promotion opportunities. Hoang also shared his six keys to be successful in a Japanese company, which are: always learn; work carefully, commit to schedule; use Japanese frequently; work in teams; and accumulate problem-solving skill.

Nguyen Khanh Hoang is one among a lot of former HUST’s students demonstrating their rapid transformation in big corporations, enterprises of Japan. It is the fact that, many graduate students from HUST have been highly appreciated by Japanese companies, with high selection rate.

That is to say, in the recruitment of July 2019, NATV encourages HUST students graduating in 2019 (before July) from School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Transportation Engineering, School of Information and Communication Technology, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Physical Engineering, School of International Education, etc. to participate in HUST-NATV Associate Training Program. Students can sign up over hardcopy and online applications at, until June 16, 2018.

At the program, NATV representative briefly introduced the Company, main fields of work and remuneration frame including salary, language allowance (English and Japanese), insurance for employees and family. With the strategic focus on human resource and long-term vision, NATV employees have opportunities to be highly-professional trained in Japanese manner, to study and work abroad, to enhance personal abilities and career promotion.

About Nissan Automotive Technology Viet Nam

Established in 06/2001, NATV is 100% Japanese investment company, under Nissan Techno Corporation, based at Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower. The Company has 2156 employees (04/2018, with 58 Japaneses), revenue reached 90 million USD (fiscal year of 2017).

NATV is one among pioneer companies in Vietnam in automotive research and design, such as designing electronic components for cars, software-hardware development, software maintance, electronic analyzing, experiment; designing other car components like Chassis, body, interior, engine, etc. With high technology ability, NATV keeps expanding their association with research locations of Nissan Corps. all over the world.

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